Altmaier: No right to work from home | Free Press

In many industries, it is now clear that working from home works well. However, there should be no legal claim.

Berlin (dpa) – Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) warned of new burdens on companies and spoke out against tax increases. Altmaier turned against the SPD’s right to work from home on Friday.

A legal claim does not fit the landscape, rather a “cargo moratorium” is necessary for the economy. The minister also indirectly warned of a law on enforcing human rights standards in global supply chains that would overwhelm the economy – the black-red coalition has been arguing about this for weeks. Altmaier also turned against tax increases, which disrupted the economy.

In light of the state’s record debt due to Corona, SPD financial expert Lothar Binding wants to ask high-income people to pay more after the crisis. “People who came out of the crisis well should help the state to recover after the crisis,” said the spokesman for financial policy of the parliamentary group SPD of the newspaper “Bild”. “That should be a matter of course.”