At Continental people talk about site conversion | Free Press

Hannover (dpa) – After the violent dispute between unions and management over new plant closures at Continental, both sides are trying a new attempt to secure as many jobs as possible.

According to IG BCE, the group should agree to strengthen most of the remaining German locations in the mechanical and tire engineering business “with additional tasks and responsibilities” and also to secure “investments for modernization.” There are more than 20 plants and 20,000 employees in the Federal Republic.

In return, the way will be cleared for Conti to be able to use flexible instruments “such as the wage and hour broker,” the union said. Human Resources Director Ariane Reinhart explained: ‚ÄúThis can be, for example, a reduction in working hours, in which the time released must always be used for the qualification itself. Temporary job security at the location level is also possible under certain conditions. “

So far there is no final result, but it should still be in 2020. On behalf of IG BCE, negotiator Francesco Grioli said the “objective of avoiding layoffs for operational reasons and making employees ready for the automotive world of tomorrow” it remains.

Continental is in a deep transition to more software, sensors and electronics; This could affect up to 30,000 jobs worldwide. The closure of production plants for the profitable tire business, such as the Aachen plant, has recently drawn strong criticism from the works council and politicians. Grioli stated: “The transformation is not organized with clear cuts, but with intelligent concepts that open up new perspectives.”

The framework agreement being sought with Conti’s management should ensure a common approach in the search for alternatives, after the group recently went it alone with its closure plans from the point of view of the workforce. In the case of Aachen, the capital part had overruled the employees part on the supervisory board. Also, there should be more ideas for grading. Whenever possible, Conti retrains employees. IG BCE added, for example: “For example, reduced working hours should be used for qualification.”

Reinhart assured that in the double crisis of the drop in crown sales and structural change, the solutions would be solved together: “Working together with our social partners, we are looking for models to overcome the crisis and establish a sustainable course for competitiveness and future viability “. However, the location of individual plants should also be watched. “Since each location faces different challenges, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.” A key goal for the union is to implement the necessary cuts in the “most socially acceptable” way possible, so layoffs must be avoided and temporarily excluded.