Automotive industry: stringent EU emissions standard would be the end of combustion engines | Free Press

Shortly before the federal government’s “automobile summit” with industry representatives, Economy Minister Altmaier puts into play a significant extension of the electric car purchase premium, while the industry association already warns of the end of the combustion engine.

Berlin (dpa) – The automotive industry fears that if the EU’s exhaust emission limits are too strict, cars with internal combustion engines will end in 2025.

“With the introduction of the planned EU-7 standard, the EU Commission will de facto ban cars with internal combustion engines from 2025,” said VDA industry association director Hildegard Müller of the German press agency .

In order to meet the objectives of the Paris climate protection agreement, the EU wants to tighten the limit values ​​for CO2. The “Bild am Sonntag” reported on a study on behalf of the EU Commission, on the basis of which the limit values ​​of a new Euro 7 emissions standard will be determined. Nothing has been decided yet, but the study suggests that the decision makers in the commission are in some cases much stricter rules than those of the Euro 6 emissions standard.

“The commission wants to stipulate that in the future a vehicle must remain virtually emission-free in every driving situation, whether with a trailer on a mountain or in slow city traffic. That is technically impossible and everyone knows it ”, criticized Müller. Therefore, the envisaged tightening would amount to banning cars with internal combustion engines. Instead of a ban, we need innovations and investments in electronic fuels and fuel cells. The problem is not the combustion engine, but the fuel. “

The EU focuses on electromobility. “Until now, however, there has been a lack of sufficient charging infrastructure for new electric cars throughout Europe,” warned Müller.

On Tuesday, the upcoming “auto summit” between the federal government, states, industry representatives and unions will address, among other things, alternative units.

Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) now wants to expand an instrument to promote electromobility: he is campaigning for an extension of the so-called innovation bonus for electric cars until 2025, he told “Bild am Sonntag”. So far, the increased environmental bonus only applies until the end of 2021. “I would like the hundreds of thousands of employees in the auto industry to have good jobs in 10-15 years,” Altmaier said. “The innovation bonus makes an important contribution to this.”

The so-called environmental bonus aims to boost the sale of electric cars and plug-in hybrids in Germany since 2016. In the course of the Corona economic stimulus package, the federal government has increased it again significantly. This increased environmental bonus is called the innovation bonus. Since the increase, the number of applications for funding has increased significantly.