Bitcoin rises to more than $ 14,000 | Free Press

Good news for all investors: the digital currency Bitcoin is gaining speed again.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa): Bitcoin digital currency continues to rise. For the first time since the beginning of 2018, the oldest and best-known digital currency surpassed the US $ 14,000 (12,000 euros) mark. More recently, the price on cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp returned a bit to $ 13,911.

Cryptocurrencies recently received a new boost from payment service provider PayPal’s announcement that it would allow its customers to use them. The news follows other well-received news such as the establishment of a Bitcoin fund by major investment firm Fidelity this summer. Bitcoin gained about 30 percent in October alone.

In March, the strongly fluctuating Bitcoin rate had fallen below the $ 4,000 mark in the wake of the Corona crisis.