Business survey: working from home is not good for productivity | Free Press

Many people would prefer to work for a company where flexible hours and a home office are possible. Employers are apparently less convinced of the alleged benefits

Munich (dpa) – According to a new survey, German companies view the home office much less positively than many employees.

Consequently, only a small minority of 5.7 percent of companies noticed an increase in productivity when working on the go. In contrast, 30.4 percent of companies reported no change and 27 percent even decreased the productivity of their workforce.

The Ifo Institute in Munich surveyed 1,097 companies on behalf of the Family Business Foundation in October.

“The explanation for lower productivity may also lie in the fact that companies are a social place,” said Stefan Heidbreder, managing director of the foundation. “Personal contact between employees creates a dynamic and innovative force that video conferencing cannot replace.”

The question of whether working at headquarters increases productivity is a political bone of contention. In the summer, after surveying 7,000 employees, the DAK health insurance company announced that the majority of 56 percent consider themselves more productive in the home office. The DAK study serves the SPD as a protective aid for its claim for a legal right to work from home. There are also studies and surveys on the subject from other countries, with contradictory results.

Small businesses in particular are skeptical about working from home, according to the survey. Only 2.9 percent of companies with up to nine employees reported an increase in productivity. For companies with more than 250 employees, it was 8 percent.