Consumers care about local businesses and buy online | Free Press

The Corona crisis is causing problems for many retailers on shopping streets. Customers know this and are concerned about their survival. However, more are being bought online.

Berlin (dpa) – The vast majority of consumers in Germany are concerned about the survival of retailers in their region during the Crown crisis. However, this does not prevent many of them from buying more online than before the crisis.

That’s the result of a representative survey released Thursday by the Bitkom digital association on “2020 Ecommerce Trends.”

In the survey, four out of five consumers said they feared that many retailers in their region would not face the Corona year financially. Two-thirds stated that they consciously buy from local retailers to remain loyal to them. However, many would like more local distributors to have an online offer. Because shopping in the store scares many consumers during the pandemic. Almost three-quarters of the respondents complained that other people often did not respect the required distance and hygiene rules when shopping in stores.

“In view of the difficult economic situation, people in Germany want to support their favorite stores in a specific way. This is often unsuccessful because many stationery retailers do not yet have online offers for their customers, ”said Bernhard Rohleder, Managing Director of Bitkom.

Online shopping has become even more attractive to most consumers during the crisis. According to Bitkom, 83 percent of the total population aged 16 and over, or 57 million consumers in Germany, use the Internet to shop. Almost no one with an Internet connection does away with online shopping entirely. Three-quarters of online shoppers click the order button multiple times a month.

One in three respondents stated in the Bitkom survey that they have been shopping more online since Corona. What consumers especially appreciate about online shopping is the direct home delivery, the independence of opening hours and the largest offer on the Internet. However, for every third online shopper, it is also important to be able to minimize the risk of infection with Corona by shopping online.

According to the survey, people prefer to buy clothes and shoes online. But appliances, books, and cosmetics are often ordered online as well. However, every eighth online purchase is paid back. The rate of return is particularly high among 16 to 29 year olds. They return almost one in five products ordered.