Deutsche Post continues to grow | Free Press

Bonn (dpa) – The high demand for express and normal parcel deliveries has made Deutsche Post DHL a very profitable business.

Consolidated profit in the third quarter soared a good 50 percent to 851 million euros, as the company announced Tuesday in Bonn. Sales increased 4.4 percent to € 16.2 billion, making the business significantly more lucrative than before.

In the last quarter of the year, in which the Christmas business includes the “Black Friday” discount campaigns, the Bonn-based company expects a very strong increase in the volume of packages and express deliveries, which are relatively expensive and for those with a reduced time margin.

The Christmas advantage for packages is expected to be 15 percent compared to the previous year’s business and for express deliveries even 50 percent. This means that Swiss Post will have delivered more articles than ever. The entire industry is booming and competitors DPD and Hermes are also expecting records.

Typically, corporate customers in particular use express services to ship important documents or spare parts, but more and more private customers are also opting for such delivery when buying high-priced goods on the Internet, be it new smartphones or other products. electrical; this development also benefits DHL.

Still: Christmas orders ring the cash registers, but costs skyrocket, too. The company is sending more than 13,000 additional vehicles and 600 electric three-wheelers (e-trikes) to the streets.

Recent third-quarter figures illustrate the strong recovery in parcel shipping: The Post shipped 367 million parcels in Germany, up 11.6 percent from the previous year. In the German Post and Parcel division, however, there were also downsides: letter volume was shrinking faster than before, and the lucrative mail order business also fell significantly. The reason for this: the tight budgets of corporate clients in the days of Corona. In general, however, the crown crisis has so far stimulated, rather than slowed, the Group’s business.

With its global network that includes freezing infrastructure, DHL wants to have a voice in the distribution of long-awaited corona vaccines. “We have been in discussions with pharmaceutical companies since the pandemic began,” said CEO Frank Appel. “We feel well equipped to make sure that if there is a vaccine that can really reach countries.” Transport at minus 70 degrees can also be guaranteed.

The former Streetscooter flagship project is not a success story: production of the electric van is discontinued, with which the group has configured its vehicle fleet in a more climate-friendly way. The Bonn team had already decided this in February. Now it has been announced that production will not expire at the end of the year, but only next year. They want to “find a sweet spot between the slow shutdown of production and the use of materials that are still there,” said CFO Melanie Kreis. The strategic decision to suspend production will not change, he stressed.