DGB: Renew protection against dismissal of tenants | Free Press

Until the summer, tenants had special protection against laying off due to the Corona crisis. But the crisis continues; however, the special regulation was not extended. The DGB makes demands.

Berlin (dpa) – In view of the second phase with strict crown restrictions, the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) calls for another special protection against dismissal for tenants.

“It was a huge mistake for the federal government to let consumer and tenant protection provisions related to the pandemic expire on June 30,” reads a position paper quoted by media group Funke. In it, the DGB called for the renewal of protection against dismissal for lease and lease contracts in case of arrears in payments that have something to do with the Crown crisis.

Also, unlike the spring regulation, no interest is payable on rent arrears, according to the DGB. Evictions must be stayed. The house has to be safe. Millions of tenants in Germany need this signal, ”said DGB board member Stefan Körzell of the Funke media group.

According to the newspaper, the DGB receives the support of the Association of German Tenants and the parliamentary group SPD. The resistance against it comes from the Union. “For a reintroduction of the rent moratorium, I see neither space nor justification,” said CDU legal expert Jan-Marco Luczak.

The left in the Bundestag warned of growing homelessness in the winter pandemic. The vice chairman of the parliamentary group, Caren Lay, told the publishing network Germany (RND / Freitag) that “in view of the start of the cold season and the renewed closure, it is irresponsible of the federal government not to protect tenants more strongly against the layoffs “. Those who want closure have to suspend layoffs and rent increases as well, otherwise the number of homeless will continue to rise. Lay also asked the federal government for help for the homeless.