DIHK: critical situation in the tourism and hospitality industry | Free Press

The tourism and hospitality industry has been particularly affected by the pandemic. And the outlook remains bleak, complains DIHK.

Frankfurt / Berlin (dpa) – The situation of many companies in the tourism and hospitality sector is very critical according to the DIHK.

Even before the big restrictions in November, which forced to close again, companies had to fight hard, it said in a document from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday. In early fall, only one in ten hosting companies were working at pre-crisis levels. 94 percent of companies in the travel industry now declared that the business situation had deteriorated. DIHK announced in Berlin that the situation was not judged worse in any other industry.

For the October survey, nearly 30,000 companies from across the economy were interviewed. 2224 companies from the hospitality sector (accommodation and gastronomy) participated, and a total of 494 travel agencies and agents from the tourism sector.

According to DIHK, there was a resurgence in the summer after the first forced shutdown in spring. Due to the new restrictions, the short and medium term development of the business situation is critical. Under Corona’s new regulation, hotels can no longer accept tourists from the beginning of November until the end of the month.

Prospects are bleak, the DIHK complained. 90 percent of companies in the travel industry expected sales drops of 50 percent or more this year. A third of the hotel industry also expects a drop in sales of more than half. Another third of restaurants and pubs estimate losses between 25 and 50 percent. “Funding quickly becomes difficult when funds are now scarce or depleted,” DIHK warned.

Under the federal-state decision of October 28, restaurants can only sell food outside the home in November and hotels can only accommodate business travelers. The federal government has promised the affected companies an aid of 75 percent of the sales of the same month last year to cushion the crisis.