Green concept to save inner cities | Free Press

With November’s help, the federal government wants to lead the industries particularly affected through the Corona crisis. According to the Greens, so far there are only announcements behind.

Berlin (dpa) – The Greens accuse the Federal Government of serious failures in providing aid to industries particularly affected by the Crown crisis.

Along with commerce, gastronomy and culture, the parliamentary group on Wednesday presented a concept to “save inner cities.” The government is “world champion in announcing”, said the leader of the parliamentary group Katrin Göring-Eckardt. But on November 11 even the so-called November aid could not be requested. There are implementation and design issues. “Aid must be made less bureaucratic,” he demanded.

The concept provides concrete relief for the time of the corona pandemic, but it also helps in the longer term for inner cities, where store failures and desertification have been a problem for years. For example, companies, but also social institutions, associations and small businesses should have more security and flexibility in renting during the crisis through the commercial leasing law. A cultural rescue fund and soundproofing fund for cultural institutions are just as much a part of the lawsuits as “on-site shopping vouchers” to support retail, catering and cultural institutions.

“Many inland cities are really facing an abyss,” said HDE trade association executive director Stefan Genth. In the retail sector, even during the pandemic, “it is possible to shop safely,” but people are encouraged to stay home. Dehoga gastronomic association general manager Ingrid Hartges said clarifications in the leasing and leasing law are particularly important as contracts with the real estate industry were concluded in good years. The managing director of the German Cultural Council, Olaf Zimmermann, warned that the partial lockdown is a complete lockdown on his industry, and has often been since March. It is the “absolute worst case scenario”.