Head of VDA: US remains the most important exporting country | Free Press

The threat of US import tariffs is a constant problem for the European auto industry. The VDA association is confident that a new president will not change that.

Düsseldorf / Berlin (dpa) – In the context of the US presidential elections, the German auto industry is definitely preparing to challenge trade talks with the future government in Washington.

“Europe will have to deal with the fact that regardless of who rules there, the United States, to be honest, not unjustified, will formulate its interests,” said the president of the Automotive Industry Association (VDA), Hildegard Müller, the Thursday at an online “Handelsblatt” industry event. The United States remains the most important exporting country of the German automotive industry.

Before and during his tenure, US President Donald Trump repeatedly threatened significantly higher import tariffs on cars made in Europe. In this way he wanted to reduce the high trade deficit of the United States with Europe and thus create jobs in his own country. Even CEOs say they have little illusion that challenger Joe Biden will be much more careful with German automakers. BMW boss Oliver Zipse and Daimler boss Ola Källenius have already expressed themselves similarly to their association boss.