High demand for fresh geese | Free Press

Oldenburg / Bonn (dpa) – Consumers can expect slightly lower prices for frozen geese this year, but they have to dig a little deeper into their pockets to get farm-fresh produce from Germany.

Expect the average price of a kilo of fresh free-range German goose to be 14.60 euros this year, said Margit Beck of the Egg and Poultry Market Information Center in Bonn. Last year the price was 14.14 euros. For a kilo of frozen goose from Poland or Hungary, last year it was called at an average price of 3.50 euros. This year it should fall below that mark, Beck said. Chicken season began on Wednesday with Saint Martin’s Day.

The expert from the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture in Oldenburg, Albert Hortmann-Scholten, also sees a growing expansion of the market. “German fresh produce continues to grow.” Smaller goose breeders, in particular, offer their products by pre-order. That is still going very well. In some cases, customers paid up to € 20 per kilo for a ready-to-cook goose. Smaller direct marketing companies, in particular, often euthanized the animals.

Domestic production fell slightly this year, from 4,700 tonnes to about 4,500 tonnes, Beck said. “We don’t have a drop in production, but there are regional differences.” In southwestern Germany, production declined slightly, but remained the same in the north-west and north-east.

The German market share for goose meat is around 15 percent, the rest is imported and the vast majority of imported products come from Poland and Hungary. Production in Poland was a bit lower this year, but warehouses are still full than last year. Due to bird flu, the fattening of geese in Hungary has declined markedly, Beck said. Therefore, although the general supply is decreasing, the market is still well supplied. “Many products are destined for the restaurant sector and we are currently having problems there.”

Many restaurants are resourceful in mitigating the consequences of the November opening ban. “Goose to go” deals are popular, and innkeepers offer goose menus for out-of-home sales. There are already many orders for German fresh produce, Beck said. “But there is also a fear from suppliers that customers will cancel their orders again before Christmas.” Because at the moment nobody knows if there will be big family celebrations in December. The best-selling month for goose meat is now December.