Judge halts US plans to exit Tiktok in November | Free Press

US courts are holding down US President Donald Trump’s attack on the popular video app Tiktok. Now the end of November 12 has been suspended by a court order.

Washington (AP) – The United States government has suffered another setback in court in its crackdown on the video app Tiktok.

A Pennsylvania state judge suspended a Commerce Department order Friday that would spell the complete end of Tiktok in the United States by November 12. He issued a court order at the request of three Tiktok video writers who make a living on the platform.

A Washington judge had previously suspended the Tiktok app download stop scheduled for late September, also with a court order. The United States government appealed against him. With the download stop, Tiktok should disappear from the US Apple and Google app stores.

Tiktok belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance. US President Donald Trump describes the app as a security risk because Chinese authorities could use it to obtain data from US citizens. He wants to force at least the American Tiktok business under the control of American owners. The Chinese government torpedoed talks about a sale with a new rule prohibiting the export of software algorithms without special permission.

In general, the situation around Tiktok remains unclear. Trump had already announced that he had approved a fundamental agreement that was to ensure the continued existence of Tiktok in the United States through the entry of the American companies Oracle and Walmart. But since then there have been conflicting statements about whether the new US partners or Bytedance should have the majority in the global Tiktok business, and the conclusion of a final deal is still delayed.

The three “Tiktokers” each have more than a million followers on the platform. In their request for a precautionary measure, they argued, among other things, that the Ministry of Commerce did not have a sufficient legal basis for its action against the application. The Washington judge also thought this was likely, so he suspended the unload stop. With the measures planned for November 12, Bytedance will be prohibited, among other things, from storing US user data and operating the Tiktok infrastructure.