Lufthansa and Verdi agree on the restructuring of the collective agreement | Free Press

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – In the fight for employee savings contributions in the Corona crisis, Lufthansa has reached an agreement with the Verdi union.

According to this, around 35,000 land workers will have to give up part of their wages and will be protected against layoffs until the end of March 2022. The terms of the extensive partial retirement and severance pay programs were also agreed in the agreement.

According to Lufthansa, the current Christmas bonus has already been withheld. Co-payments for part-time assignments will also be canceled. Overall, there is a potential savings of more than 200 million euros, as confirmed by both parties. The parties want to speak at an early stage about new austerity measures starting in 2022. “We must not stop working on crisis management measures in order to find good solutions for our employees, even after the end of short-term work.” said Michael Niggemann, Lufthansa’s Director of Human Resources.

According to Verdi, the deal is still the subject of a member survey. “After arduous negotiations, we have achieved an initial result that offers prospects, ensures effective employee protection and Lufthansa disburses € 200 million in contributions from employees to the coffers. Now Lufthansa has to deal responsibly with this loan from its employees, ”explained Verdi Vice President Christine Behle. Lufthansa named the lowest number of 24,000 affected collective bargaining employees without LSG Sky-Chefs caterer, which is for sale.

Lufthansa had previously agreed the cornerstones of a long-term agreement with the cab union Ufo. An agreement is still pending for the current year with the pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit. The VC had tabled more proposals on Wednesday that, according to its estimates, would save Lufthansa around 450 million euros.

The approximately 5,000 pilots of Lufthansa’s main company are threatened with dismissal of up to 1,100 colleagues if they cannot reach an agreement as of the second quarter of 2021. According to its own information, Lufthansa has already started negotiations with the works councils to the social plan and the balance of interests.

So far, the CV and the company have only agreed to a short-term collective restructuring agreement for the current year, which, according to the union, has already saved around 150 million euros. Among other things, increases in the short-time allowance and subsidies to company pensions, as well as a salary increase, were canceled.

“The concessions agreed upon this spring and now offered additionally total more than 600 million euros. Compared to the pre-crisis period, this corresponds to pay cuts of up to 50 percent. The pilots are reaching their financial limits to help the company, ”said VC President Markus Wahl.

Like the entire industry, Lufthansa was hit hard by the corona pandemic. After three quarters, the company rescued by the state has already posted a loss of 5.6 billion euros in the current year and is traveling with a significantly limited range of flights. In the long term, only about 100,000 of the 124,000 jobs will remain. However, news of the vaccine had boosted the stock price this week and also made it easier for the company to get fresh money on the capital market.