Lufthansa begins test with corona rapid tests | Free Press

The Corona crisis has largely paralyzed air traffic. One reason: international quarantine regulations. Lufthansa expects improvements through rapid corona tests.

Munich (dpa) – Lufthansa has started its test run with mandatory rapid corona tests for all passengers.

Before the start of the first machine on the Munich-Hamburg route on Thursday morning, all 30 passengers and flight personnel were tested, as an airline spokesperson later reported. They were all negative and were able to fly. There were also no test refusals.

Lufthansa currently flies three times a day from the Bavarian capital to Hamburg and vice versa, and rapid tests are now performed daily on one outbound and one return flight. Alternatively, passengers can submit a negative PCR test that is no more than 48 hours old or they can change their reservation to another flight free of charge.

Lufthansa has been losing millions every day since the crisis began and hopes to be able to offer more air connections again, especially overseas. The quarantine rules that apply to international passengers in most countries have so far been a major obstacle to the revitalization of air traffic.

If only passengers who tested negative are carried, this could make the quarantine superfluous – at least that’s the hope in the aviation industry. At the Lufthansa Group, rapid tests have already been tested on flights operated by the Austrian subsidiary between Berlin and Vienna.

The rapid antigen tests used by Lufthansa do not detect the Covid-19 pathogen as such, but rather the proteins associated with it. The functionality is similar to a pregnancy test, the results should be available after 30 to 60 minutes. However, the tests are less accurate than the usual PCR tests.