Lufthansa launches biometric facial recognition | Free Press

No more queues at check-in: Lufthansa and Swiss want to recognize their passengers by their faces in the future. The biometric camera eye is supposed to identify passengers with mouth and nose protection.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Lufthansa and Swiss airlines will start biometric facial recognition of passengers next Tuesday (November 24).

At Frankfurt and Munich airports, registered program participants only need to look through a camera eye at the entrances to passenger control and gate to gain access. They could even wear mouth and nose protection, as the Lufthansa Group announced on Tuesday in Frankfurt.

It is the first application of the recently developed “Star Alliance Biometrics” system that could be used across the airline alliance. However, the new system is not linked to the sovereign EasyPass system for border control.

Lufthansa Board Member Christina Foerster highlighted the hygienic benefits of the new identification method. “Especially during the pandemic, these contactless processes at the airport are a huge advantage.” Frankfurt airport operator Fraport has announced that it intends to expand facial recognition to other points in the process, such as baggage delivery.

According to Lufthansa, three doors in Frankfurt and two in Munich will initially be equipped with the new technology. Members of the “Miles & More” frequent flyer program who have previously registered can participate in the program.