MAN works council: No negotiations on “deforestation” | Free Press

The diesel truck will be phased out according to the EU climate requirements. The manufacturer MAN wants to radically reposition the company and eliminate a quarter of the jobs. In the negotiations, the works council is now on the verge of bursting.

Munich (dpa) – At truck manufacturer MAN, the dispute over planned job cuts is intensifying. The works council and IG Metall are rejecting new negotiations with employers for the time being.

The head of the works council, Saki Stimoniaris, said on Wednesday in Munich: “The company has not strayed one millimeter from its clear plans. This is not how it is negotiated, that is indecent. We don’t let ourselves be introduced and we only come back to the table when the company is seriously ready to negotiate. “

Under pressure from EU climate requirements, MAN will become one of the “leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the field of hydrogen and electric drives”. 9,500 of the 36,000 jobs will be eliminated, around 5,600 of them at the Munich Truck Plant, the Nuremberg Diesel Engine Plant and the Salzgitter Component Plant. Parts of the production will be moved abroad and the Plauen, Wittlich and Steyr plants in Austria will be closed. The truck maker, which belongs to the VW Group, has terminated agreements to secure location and employment, making operational layoffs possible.

Jürgen Kerner, IG Metall Chief Cashier and Vice Chairman of the MAN Truck & Bus Supervisory Board, said: “IG Metall will not tolerate the fact that the MAN board – obviously without a viable future concept for the workforce – is driving without Concessions to one of the last commercial vehicle manufacturers in Germany advances. “

A MAN spokesperson said: “The board of directors has taken note of the works council’s decision with regret.” The step was a surprise. The board of directors is not concerned with clear cutting, but with the restructuring necessary to be able to invest in alternative units and digitization with the money saved. The board remains ready to speak.

The works council also stressed that it wanted to negotiate a promising solution. But at an online job meeting next week, company management should explain to employees “themselves why this proud MAN should be liquidated, because the company’s plans represent nothing more,” Stimoniaris said. “The socially acceptable and sustainable restructuring of a company looks and works differently, as the concepts on the employee side show.”

MAN has been weak for years. The EU climate regulation that trucks emit 15% less carbon dioxide by 2025 and at least 30% less carbon dioxide by 2030 is increasing the pressure. Also, there is currently the Corona crisis. The management and employee representatives had negotiated centrally and at the locations on the group restructuring and downsizing, and indeed wanted to reach an agreement before the end of the year.