Merkel: Help quickly and without bureaucracy | Free Press

As of Monday, public life in Germany has again declined sharply. Chancellor Merkel reacts to the concerns of companies that have to close.

Berlin (dpa) – Before cultural businesses, restaurants and leisure facilities have to close for a month this Monday, Chancellor Angela Merkel has once again secured the supporting economy.

“We are not going to leave companies and businesses that have gotten into trouble due to the current crisis through no fault of their own,” said the CDU policy in its podcast published on Saturday. “We want to help quickly and without bureaucracy.” On Wednesday, he will speak with major employers’ and industry associations about how the effects of the crisis could be further cushioned.

Merkel justified the harsh interventions in the coming weeks, protesting violently against culture and the restaurant industry: “This second wave of the pandemic makes it necessary to act quickly and consistently,” she said. “We have to stop the rapid increase in the number of infections before our healthcare system becomes overloaded.” From a science point of view, it is clear that you should meet as few people as possible who can become infected.

Merkel admitted that the measures were “harsh” and those affected were right to point out the main charges. In many cases, it is now again companies, freelancers or associations that have had to accept losses in sales since the start of the pandemic. The Chancellor referred to the additional aid of up to ten billion euros for the affected areas and assured: “The Federal Government will continue to do everything necessary to limit the burden of the pandemic for the economy and therefore also for employment and our prosperity, and at the same time to protect our health. “