New registrations in the EU car market fall again | Free Press

The corona effect did not last long. In Europe, the number of new vehicle registrations is falling again. After ten months, the value is 26.8 percent lower than the previous year.

Brussels (dpa) – After just a month with an increase in new registrations, the recovery of the EU car market is over again. In October, the number of new vehicles registered fell for the ninth time this year.

With around 953,600 cars, 7.8 percent fewer new cars were registered than in the same month last year, as the European manufacturers association Acea announced on Wednesday in Brussels. In the year of the Crown crisis, September remains the only month so far this year with an increase. After ten months, the total number of new registrations was 8.01 million, 26.8 percent below the previous year’s figure.

German automakers, along with their industry association VDA, had recently reported that demand from businesses and consumers was falling again in light of the rising number of infections. Of the most important markets, it was the most affected in Spain, where the fall in October was 21 percent. In France (-9.5 percent) and Germany (-3.6 percent) there was also a notable decrease, while in Italy the decrease of 0.2 percent was slight.

Of the VW group brands, nine percent fewer cars were registered in the European Union in October. At BMW it seemed a bit difficult at minus 13.5 percent, Daimler did better with a good 8 percent decline. Opel’s parent PSA sold 6.6 per cent fewer vehicles and thus fared worse than the Opel / Vauxhall subsidiary, whose new registrations fell 0.8 per cent.

Among the largest auto companies, only Fiat Chrysler posted a reasonably significant advantage of 3.9 percent, Renault was in the positive zone with 0.2 percent.