No quick money for airports | Free Press

The aviation industry has been hit hard by the Corona crisis. He wants help from the state. However, they don’t come that fast.

Berlin (dpa) – At the air traffic summit on Friday, the federal government did not promise any concrete aid for the airports affected by the Corona crisis.

According to the draft of the final declaration, which is available to the German Press Agency, the federal and state governments want to seek financial solutions in the next two weeks.

The Federal Ministry of Transport wants to broaden and broaden the framework conditions created especially for the assistance of the Crown. The airports had demanded compensation for maintenance costs during the spring closure of 740 million euros. However, so far hardly any applications have been received and the deadline expired on September 30. Now it will run until March 31 and will also include fixed costs. This means that more help is possible.

In the medium term, the economic base must be secured through the joint efforts of the airport’s shareholders, the newspaper says. Mainly it would be the federal states and the communities that border the airports. Private investors only occasionally participate in airports in Germany.

Federal Transportation Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had sought a $ 1 billion rescue package to secure locations and jobs. Negotiations are reportedly ongoing with the Ministry of Finance. He wants to keep the current structure of the airport in Germany. Scheuer once again turned against the closure of regional airports. It’s about protecting and supporting infrastructure. A federal structure offers opportunities for the regions.

In the case of the German Air Traffic Control System (DFS), which has also fallen into a financial imbalance, costs must be limited, he says. In addition, as the sole owner, the federal government will examine how financial gaps can be bridged and filled. This is intended to limit the air traffic control fees that airlines have to pay for piloting services on each flight. Currently, these rates are deferred throughout Europe.

The conference, which was attended by several federal ministries, states, industry representatives and unions, also spoke in favor of creating a trial system to allow more air travel even in pandemic conditions.

Criticism of Scheuer’s financial aid plans came from the left and the environmental organization BUND, among others. They called for the closure of unprofitable regional airports.