Scheuer defends demand for bonus for scrapping trucks | Free Press

Scrapping premiums are intended to drive the mobility transition. In light of the climate crisis, should combustion engines also benefit? Federal Minister of Transport Scheuer says yes.

Berlin (dpa) – Ahead of the main meeting on climate protection targets for the commercial vehicle industry, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) renewed his request for a scrapping bonus for older trucks, even if that it would be used to purchase new combustion engines.

As long as there are no large trucks with batteries or fuel cell units that are suitable for the mass market, a bridge is needed. Because we also have the latest technology in the combustion engine, which means an absolute improvement, “Scheuer told Bayern 2 radio station on Wednesday.” We have to convert the sector and we need change. ” Synthetic fuels should not be forgotten either.

Scheuer speaks with representatives from the automotive, logistics and energy sectors Wednesday afternoon. As with passenger cars, the limit values ​​will also apply to emissions from commercial vehicles in the EU.

Scheuer’s proposal is controversial in the federal government. “I am initially skeptical before not knowing the concept,” Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) told the station. “As long as I don’t know exactly how it works, I won’t say yes.” Politicians have deliberately failed to initiate a premium for scrapping cars. It’s important to her that CO2-free truck models hit the streets as quickly as possible, Schulze said. It is not just the drive technology that counts, but also smarter traffic concepts.

The environmental protection organization Nabu also does not share Scheuer’s opinion. “Technical alternatives such as battery-electric propulsion in particular, but also the hydrogen fuel cell and airline truck are available and should hit the market in significant quantities soon,” said Federal Director General Leif Miller. This requires an adequate charging infrastructure and better framework conditions.