Söder for the quota of women on DAX boards | Free Press

Munich / Berlin (dpa) – Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) speaks in favor of a quota for women on the boards of DAX companies.

«I am in favor of the quota of women. By the way, I am also in favor, and I say it very clearly here, that we have to step back and implement the laws that are now being made in Berlin with the members of the board, “he said. Information about the” weather ” Tuesday night at a weekly digital event.

The argument that “you can’t prescribe if there’s a woman on a DAX board” didn’t convince him, the CSU chief said. “There are highly qualified men and women in our country and as many women as men who can easily do these jobs. So that doesn’t convince me. I think we have to send a signal because it also serves as a role model for the many young women in our country. “

In the coalition agreement, the Union and the SPD agreed to improve the law on women in leadership positions. After the differences, the heads of the coalition decided to create a working group in the summer.

At the beginning of the year, the Federal Minister for Women, Franziska Giffey, and the Minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht (both from the SPD) presented a bill. Accordingly, the extension of the quota of women on supervisory boards is envisaged and the requirement that a woman be promoted to all-male boards of directors with at least four members when space is available. According to Giffey, the Union-led ministries had not agreed to this.

Lambrecht was now pleased with Söder’s statements, but at the same time warned: “Cheap talk is not enough.” Meanwhile, not only Söder, but also Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have been open to a quota of women on executive boards, and yet the law put forward by SPD ministers is not moving forward. “If Söder and Merkel are serious, words must finally be followed by deeds: the Union must no longer hit the brakes here,” Lambrecht demanded.

Giffey also welcomed Söder’s advance: “Finally, I can only say.” Now we have to hope that the Union as a whole “still hears the shot,” he said, and that it does not stop at an interview. You are now much more confident, as this positioning provides a “clear line.”

The CSU in the Bundestag presented a strategy document in which it also advocates a fixed quota for women in DAX companies. “We want women around the world to have a fair chance, even in the boardrooms of our companies,” quoted “Welt” (Thursday). The time has come to establish a fixed quota for women. This should be integrated into an overall concept that also provides more flexible working hours and a significant improvement in the position of single-parent families, said CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt.

Almost one in three seats on the supervisory boards of the 188 largest German listed companies was last held by a woman, according to an assessment by the organization “Women on the supervisory boards” (Fidar / mid January 2020 / Updated late April 2020). Men dominated executive boards with nearly 90 percent.

The Dax is the most important German stock index. It shows the performance of the 30 largest and most liquid companies on the German stock market and accounts for the majority of the market capitalization of public limited companies listed in Germany.