Spend more money on Christmas gifts in the Corona year? | Free Press

Since restaurants and concert halls are available across the country, you can spend your money on other things. Retailers sense their opportunity and expect people to spend more on Christmas gifts this year.

Essen (dpa) – After the corona pandemic contact restrictions, Germans are obviously particularly generous in 2020 when it comes to Christmas gifts for loved ones.

On average, they planned to spend € 500 per capita on gifts, which is significantly more than in previous years (2019: 475, 2018: 472), according to the Christmas survey released Tuesday by the private FOM University of Essen. Nationwide, more than 46,000 representatively selected individuals between 12 and 99 years of age were surveyed.

“One explanation for this year’s gift giving is that people in Germany want to show their appreciation to recipients with more expensive gifts because personal contacts had to be reduced in the previous weeks and months,” said study director Oliver Gansser .

According to the survey, cosmetics and personal care products, toys, books and stationery, as well as watches and jewelry, are especially popular gifts. Far behind are traditional consumer goods such as home textiles and leather goods.

According to the survey, people are increasingly shopping online, possibly also to avoid close contact and crowds in light of the pandemic. For the first time since the survey began in 2011, a majority (62 percent) described the Internet as the most important purchase option. According to the survey, only one in three people feel safe buying gifts in stores. Other reasons for the increase in online shopping are the large selection and speed of delivery.

A survey published by the German Association of Retailers (HDE) in early November revealed comparable results. More than half of those surveyed (53 percent) stated that they would go Christmas shopping less often this year due to the crown crisis. And 44 percent announced they would “do more Christmas shopping online.”