Subway restaurant chain expects a sharp drop in sales | Free Press

The crisis in the crown is also causing a lot of problems for the fast food chain Subway. The German subsidiary of the US group expects sales to decline.

Cologne (dpa) – Due to the corona pandemic, the Subway restaurant chain has been under pressure. Sales in Germany are expected to fall 12 to 15 percent this year compared to 2019, the Cologne-based German subsidiary of the US group said.

Absolute figures for sales or profits were not provided. Competitors in the fast food industry also have to accept the losses and service restaurants have been hit even harder.

The manager responsible for the metro, Sascha Stokic, emphasized that the company’s own commercial figures are viewed positively in view of the adverse circumstances of Corona, especially since the previous year’s figure was a record for the company; at the time, revenue was up four percent compared to 2018. For example, a new app for ordering and delivering food helped this year, the company representative said.

According to its own information, the company has 692 restaurants in Germany, and therefore only slightly fewer locations than Burger King (750) and half as many as McDonald’s (1460). Subway manager Stokic said downtown branches were hit hard by the crown restrictions in the spring. “Due to the contact ban, there was no frequency in shopping streets and train stations, but also in shopping centers.” Locations with nearby parking facilities, on the other hand, performed significantly better.

According to its own statements, the restaurant chain opened 17 new bars this year, and licenses for 17 more have already been sold. Plus, there are already “deeper discussions” with many potential franchisees, Stokic said. According to the information, no subway restaurant had to close permanently due to Corona in 2020.