Tesla plans to produce batteries with new technology | Free Press

A year ago, Tesla boss Elon Musk announced that the planned factory in Europe would come to Grünheide, near Berlin. Construction is progressing. The production of batteries is also planned.

Grünheide (dpa) – American electric car maker Tesla plans to produce batteries with new technology at its first factory in Europe.

Larger and more powerful cells should be made in Grünheide near Berlin than usual, he said from well-informed circles on Wednesday.

This was already a problem at Tesla’s “Battery Day” in September in Fremont, USA. Efficient and inexpensive batteries are a prerequisite for electric mobility to establish itself in the mass market. On “Battery Day,” Tesla boss Elon Musk spoke about innovations in battery technology, but previously he reduced hopes of an immediate breakthrough on Twitter.

A year ago (on November 12), the head of Tesla announced in Berlin that the European factory would be built near the federal capital. Several federal states wanted the plant. Brandenburg Finance Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD) said Thursday. “We have had an exciting year. And the next one promises to be no less challenging, ”he wrote on the short message service Twitter.

Construction in Grünheide is now progressing rapidly. However, Tesla has only been building with interim approvals, because final environmental approval from the Brandenburg State Environment Agency is still pending. The authority recently approved the supporting structures for roofs and external walls in the foundry and press shop area. An application for the paint shop is still under consideration.

The automaker sticks to its schedule. Tesla plans to start producing electric cars in Grünheide from July 2021. In the first stage, 500,000 vehicles are planned per year with around 12,000 employees.

Conservationists and residents are critical of the project and fear, among other things, problems with drinking water. Tesla had reduced its anticipated water consumption after the criticism. From well-informed circles it was now said that there would be continuous controls to further reduce consumption. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency is currently evaluating the results of an audience of critics.