The federal government estimates the financial gap of the BER at 660 million euros in 2021 | Free Press

When hardly anyone flies, an airport makes less money. It is the same everywhere. In Berlin there is something else: there are still old bills to settle.

Berlin / Schönefeld (dpa) – If the corona pandemic goes badly, there is a risk of a significantly larger financial gap at the new BER airport in 2021 than this year.

Planning for the worst case scenario foresees that the federal and state governments inject up to 660 million euros, according to a letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance. This year it’s 300 million. The RBB reported on the letter from Parliamentary Secretary of State Bettina Hagedorn to green budget politician Sven-Christian Kindler the previous Friday; Hagedorn appeals to the Ministry of Transport.

“It is already foreseeable that more financial resources will be required in the coming years,” says the newspaper available to the German press agency. The ministry also recalls that before Corona, it was planned to start making money with BER from 2025. “This is now changing according to the medium-term effects of the pandemic, which cannot yet be reliably assessed.”

Bundestag member Kindler criticized: “Every three months it turns out that the FBB still needs millions more to make ends meet.” What is needed is a relentless fall in cash and full transparency on costs and revenues. Kindler also assumes that airport company FBB overestimates its fixed assets and expects special write-offs worth billions.

Airport chief Engelbert Lütke Daldrup had announced a € 300 million financial requirement for this year due to Corona in March. For next year, the Supervisory Board approved the raising of loans for shareholders of up to 552 million euros in October, the basis was the business plan for 2021, assuming a moderate course of the pandemic.

In his letter, Hagedorn names 540 million euros for this case and also quantifies the economic consequences of a worst case at 660 million euros.

The amounts for 2021 each include a financial requirement of around 375 million euros, which the company had already named before the Corona crisis. The money is mainly needed to pay the bills for the new BER airport.

Willy Brandt Airport opened about two weeks ago after years of delays. At the inauguration, Lütke Dalrup said: “We want to be in the black in the mid-20s”, but limited: “We will see to what extent Corona allows it.”