The first passengers go through the tube | in a Hyperloop Free Press capsule

Train, bus, plane? That represents the past and, yes, the present. In the future, people will be shot through a tube system at over 1000 kilometers per hour.

Las Vergas (dpa) – In the Nevada desert, according to information from the Virgin Hyperloop company, the first passengers performed a test drive aboard a capsule through a vacuum tube.

At a speed of around 170 kilometers per hour, the capsule completed its first manned trip through a 500-meter-long tube in 15 seconds, as Virgin Hyperloop announced.

Before employees Josh Giegel and Sara Luchian climbed into the capsule at a proving ground in the Nevada desert, about 400 unmanned tests had already been conducted there. Virgin Hyperloop’s goal is to one day use the capsules of the planned transportation system to reach speeds of more than 1,000 kilometers per hour.

It was originally the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautomobile and space travel pioneer Elon Musk (Tesla / SpaceX) to transport people at almost the speed of sound in a capsule like a kind of pneumatic tube and thus revolutionize passenger traffic.

The founder of the British Virgin Group, which also includes Virgin Hyperloop, Richard Branson, promoted the development commercially. “With the successful trial, we have demonstrated the spirit of innovation that will change the way people will live, work and travel everywhere in the future,” Branson said, according to the statement.

The two-seater capsule used for the test is only used by Virgin to demonstrate that traveling in the capsule is safe enough for humans. For its commercial operation in a few years, Virgin is targeting capsules with 28 seats. Virgin Hyperloop is not the only company working on these transportation systems. Other companies are also developing similar concepts.