The number of pharmacies in Germany continues to fall | Free Press

“This downward trend for several years is worrying,” says the president of the pharmacists association about the decreasing number of pharmacies in the country. Could the reform law help?

Berlin (dpa) – The number of pharmacies in Germany has continued to decline. At the end of September there were still 18,854 pharmacies, according to new data from the Federal Association of German Pharmacists Associations (ABDA); this is the lowest level since the mid-1980s.

In the first nine months of this year, 279 pharmacies closed and 58 new ones opened, at the end of last year there were 19,075 pharmacies nationwide.

The president of the association, Friedemann Schmidt, told the German Press Agency: “This downward trend for several years is worrying.” This is particularly true in view of the aging population and the question of how the supply of drugs to all people can be guaranteed even after the corona pandemic.

With a recently passed reform law, pharmacies could at least look to the future with a little more confidence. New pharmaceutical services, such as drug management, could help patients provide better care and save costs for health insurers by avoiding hospital admissions.