Timmermans defends the emissions standard | Free Press

The proposal is not even on the table, but there are already strong criticisms of the new Euro 7 emissions standard. The Vice President of the EU Commission is sticking to the plans.

Brussels (dpa) – The Vice-President of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, has defended plans to introduce a new and strict Euro 7 emissions standard for cars. Timmermans said that one cannot remain inactive if long-term goals are to be achieved. “Additional measures will be necessary.”

A proposal for the new Euro 7 standard should not be submitted until 2021, but there is already strong criticism of preliminary studies from the auto industry. The German Association of the Automotive Industry warns that the new limit values ​​for nitrogen oxide, for example, are so stringent that this will lead to a de facto end of combustion engines from 2025.

Timmermans stressed that the Commission’s plans would remain technology neutral. If the automotive industry can meet the new limit values ​​with combustion engines, this technology can continue to be used. However, he is already seeing a trend towards electric mobility among automakers, said the vice president of the Commission responsible for climate protection.

In any case, there will be extensive discussions with the automotive industry and German politics. Only on Wednesday he had a dialogue with the prime ministers of the automotive states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony. The consequences of the new rules would be accurately assessed. But “it won’t avoid tough decisions,” Timmermans said.