Union calls for exemptions for grilled sausage manufacturers | Free Press

Berlin (dpa) – Union and SPD continue to discuss the planned law against exploitation in slaughterhouses. The Union is demanding exceptions to the strict rules laid down by Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) following massive corona infections in the meat industry.

These are primarily temporary jobs for increased sausage production in the barbecue season. According to its own statements, the SPD does not want the law to be diluted. A conclusion in the Bundestag in November seems unlikely.

The corresponding occupational health and safety control law, which the coalition really wanted to pass in the Bundestag, is to impose a ban on employment contracts in the industry as of January 1. Three months later, the coalition plans to ban temporary work there. That was the decision of the federal cabinet.

Exceptions are already provided, butcher shops with up to 49 employees must be excluded. The meat industry association had criticized the fact that the law would make it impossible for certain wage-slaughter or branded meat programs, cooperation between companies and joint ventures.

Now CDU labor market expert Peter Weiß said: “We want to regulate the use of external personnel in the core business of the meat industry, that is, in slaughter, cutting and processing.” Self-commitments have not been properly implemented, no previous changes in the law have been observed. “From the point of view of many deputies, who know the local situation well, a flexible handling of labor peaks should still be possible.” In medium-sized companies there are peak orders, bottlenecks threatened. The SPD rejects “any of our compromise offers.”

The leader of the SPD parliamentary group, Rolf Mützenich, stated: The Union parliamentary group demands an opening clause in temporary work. “I am very sorry that this lockdown continues.” The SPD leadership, Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the parliamentary group wanted to continue to maintain not only the ban on labor contracts, but also temporary work. The SPD made offers to speak.

According to the daily “Die Welt”, the parliamentary group of the Union demands above all that meat processing companies, such as sausage manufacturers, continue to be able to employ temporary workers during the barbecue season in summer. Otherwise, consumers would buy cheaper grilled sausages from foreign production. “It’s just a point,” he said Wednesday night from the Union faction.

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) told “Welt”: “In the past, the meat industry has repeatedly found ways to turn poor working conditions into a business model. That must end. Order spikes can be reduced by working time accounts or other instruments. The presented project improves working conditions in the meat industry and does not tolerate any delay ”.

Now there could be a showdown until just before Christmas. In the parliamentary group of the Union, it was said that a conclusion was still possible in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat in the week of December 14, so that the law can enter into force on January 1.