US judge increases pressure on Bayer in glyphosate dispute | Free Press

San Francisco (dpa) – In the glyphosate lawsuits in the United States, the responsible judge has increased pressure on the pharmaceutical and agrochemical company Bayer for a settlement.

Judge Vince Chhabria announced Tuesday night in San Francisco that he would take some of the pending federal cases to the courtroom before jurors. After a period of negotiation to reach an agreement, the time has come to reopen the cases.

Therefore, Bayer could have to hear up to four cases in court next year. But Bayer still has the option to fight its rejection or settle with the plaintiffs. Bayer announced that it wanted to continue to settle the glyphosate lawsuits. Court-appointed mediator Ken Feinberg said the target was not there yet, but significant progress had been made.

Bayer had announced a large-scale settlement on the matter in the summer. Up to $ 9.6 billion is allocated for existing glyphosate lawsuits. At the end of the summer, Chhabria Bayer rebuked the slowness of the agreements and threatened to continue with the process in some of the cases. As it is known since the beginning of November, Bayer has reached a settlement in 88,500 cases. At the end of June, Bayer reported on 125,000 lawsuits that were filed and not filed.

Negotiations of glyphosate lawsuits in court are unlikely to be of interest to Bayer, as the company had suffered severe defeats in the first three proceedings due to alleged cancer risks from glyphosate. However, not all legal remedies have been exhausted.

The handling of possible future cases, that is, possible plaintiffs who will develop cancer in the future and blame glyphosate for this, is also open. Judge Chhabria had been bothered by the solution originally planned by Bayer and the other party. Bayer’s management announced in early November that a revised proposal would cost about $ 2 billion, more than the $ 1.25 billion originally expected. What exactly will be more expensive about the new deals and how Bayer wants to convince Judge Chhabria, Bayer did not say at the time. Overall, the comparison package would be around $ 11.6 billion (almost € 10 billion).